Frans Polman

Visual artist

Open and outspoken; two distinguishing characteristics that describe the Dutch artist Frans Polman (1971). Born and raised in Apeldoorn, Frans could often be found in his father’s painting studio. His innate creativity can be credited to his father. After a number of years having lived and worked abroad, Frans returned to his birthplace in the forests of the Veluwe. He realised that these earlier distractions hid his true nature. Because of this, Frans Polman turned his passion into his profession.

Freedom and creativity are important motivations for visual artists. This unfettered spirit informs and inspires his search for form and structure.

Raw, pure and character are primary properties of the natural and sustainable materials with which Frans works.These materials have their own strong will and force the artist into new challenges and insights. This leads to growth in his métier. Working with diverse materials, form and colour gives the work of Frans a contemporary appeal. His work is built from various materials and structures possessing a naturally weathered appearance. All materials used have one thing in common: warmth.

Frans Polman is a nationally and internationally recognised visual artist. His work can be seen in his studio in Apeldoorn, as well as in expositions in Holland and abroad.